Dinosaur Hat

What is cuter than this guy? —->  Image

How about this guy?—–>                  Image

That’s right, thanks to this blogger at The Boy Trifecta my little love is officially my little dinosaur. I started out with a basic hat pattern. Improvised some little ear flaps. Then added a layer of green single crochet. The above mentioned blogger is where I found the pattern for the little spikes. They were, in my limited crocheting experience, quite a bit of work but completely worth it.


100_2572And that is the beginning of the cute crocheted hats you can be sure you will find here in the future. In fact my cousin is expecting her first child this summer, and it is a little girl. I am already dreaming up all the cute, girly things I don’t get to make for Joseph. So stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Dinosaur Hat

  1. Awesome hat and what a cutie wearing it 🙂

    I love crochet and have just finished a hat for my little boy when he arrives. I’ll be blogging about it soon. I might have to make a dinosaur hat now as well though!

  2. Eee, this is adorable! So is the wearer. I don’t knit/crochet, I am actually a sewer, but my mom knits and just finished knitting a dinosaur sweater for my 3 year old nephew. They should get together and wear them at the same time 🙂

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