Stupid fabric pencils

I hate you. You barely leave a mark after going over the same spot 20 times. Now I do admit that I have only tried one kind but I am afraid to spend money on anymore of them. Usually I just use markers, pins, or highlighters but I want this skirt to look nice. So I am trying to use the right things. Well, if anyone has any fabric pencils that they swear by PLEASE let me know. This things are driving me crazy! Now I must get back to it.


3 thoughts on “Stupid fabric pencils

  1. Try fabric chalk instead for dark and light fabrics. They make them in a few styles. Tailors chalk (square chalk) and “Quilters” pencil style are the basic two. I have both. The squares are cheaper, come in two colors to a package, but are not as easy to hold. The pencil is more expensive, but comes in more colors and is much easier to hold. They can both be resharpened.
    The squares you find in the regular sewing notions section and the pencil style you’ll find in the quilting section.

    For light fabrics, you can cheat and use washable crayola’s in a very closely matching color (Just try not to iron over the color if it’s on a place that will later show).

    And yes…. fabric pencils suck. 😉

    Hope that helps.

  2. I don’t use the pencils on most kinds of fabric. Only for fabric that is quite strong and has a tight woven nap, like canvass or a mid to heavy cotton. I find on other fabrics, it tears it up or makes it pill. I have tailor’s chalk that I use for most of my fashion fabric. It’s much softer and shows up on the fabric and doesn’t damage it, so even if you had to go over it, it would be okay.

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