Busy day!

Wow, I have had one productive day! It started out by seeing this blogger’s site. Now, from what I read she is the mom of five children and manages to keep a clean house and still do crafts and blog! If her picture isn’t under inspiration in the dictionary it should be. She did a 31 Days to an Organized Home segment so you will be seeing some of that here. Today was organize your hall closet, which I managed to do before the little man woke up. So, here is a before and after shot.


And after…


My husband likes to drive me crazy by coming home and emptying his pockets in random locations, then asking me where everything is. That is why there is a little table there. Out of the way of the baby. He hasn’t really started using it yet, but he will.

Husband has also been making tons of jerky lately so I have been busy washing gross, fat covered dishes, plus he brought home a deer this morning and gutted it, so there was all that. Yumm, thankfully he cleans most of that mess because he knows my feelings on dead animals. Joseph and I spent a bunch of time playing outside. Tonight I relaxed to some of my Grandma’s old country music and cutting that fabric I said I was going to cut for my shirt, here’s the proof!Image

All parts cut, just waiting for me to iron and sew tomorrow. I can hardly wait! I still have to buy the interfacing but am hoping to do that this weekend.


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