This is what has been keeping me busy these last couple days. I bought the pattern for these awesome shoes here. The website boast that the pattern could be made in a couple hours. I started cutting out the pattern while my little booger took a nap. I got all the way to the point where you start sewing and had to stop because the booger doesn’t nap that soundly and my machine would wake him up. Once he was up and willing to play by himself I started sewing. Everything went together so smoothly and the instructions were so simple and clear. I have never been happier with a pattern before. All in all I probably took a little longer that two hours but I am a bit of a dawdler and always take a while to do things for the first time. I made the pattern size 6-12 months for my 14 month old son as it looked about the right size, however they are almost too small granted he does have large feet. I am really excited to make a second pair with the fabric I bought for this pattern. (I used scraps the first time since I was worried I would mess it up) I think I will have to make the sloe a bit thicker as I live in the sandhills, literally. I think I have more sandburs in my yard than I have grass. My plan is to take our broken tent and cut little sole pieces out of the floor and put that between suede layers. We will have to see if that will hold up to the burrs.



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