A skirt, a braclet, and a booger boo

I have been one busy lady these last couple days. I have been working on my first ever pleated skirt. And, as you can see, taking bad pictures. I have been trying to follow THIS TUTORIALbut since I am the kind of Imageperson who needs very detailed, step by step instructions, and most of the time have to see something being done to do it I had a bit of trouble and kind of improvised my own thing. Of course after finishing for the day laying in bed I finally figured out what she was saying, but I am not one to undo my work if I can get by with it. I do look forward to getting some zig zag patterned fabric in the future and giving it another go. I am also a lousy planner and live 45 minutes from town so I don’t have a zipper to finish it and also haven’t hemmed as you can see. I think once I iron it a little better I will like it a lot. I have started working on the shirt to go with it and my yellow heels which I am super excited to wear since I never wear heels.

I took a break from sewing tonight and decided to crochet a bit. I saw a bracelet on pinterest and thought “I know how to crochet, I can do that… you will not intimidate me, complicated looking bracelet.” Well, it may not intimidate me, but it has made me cuss a couple times. It is a broomstick lace stitch and since I of course don’t have the correct materials I improvised. Instead of a 33 mm crochet hook I used a sharpie. Ha, my good ideas are equally horrendous, but I will preserver. When I am finished I do not care if it looks like a dog chewed on it, I will wear it proudly, because I will not let this bracelet win.

But enough with that. Lets end on a good note. My son, who I like to refer to as Mr. booger boo, has been walking for a while now, yet refuses to walk when outside. Whether on grass or cement, wearing shoes, socks or barefoot. Today however I brought out a little bike toy that has a handle and he walked all around the yard, and even up the ramp to our house. I was one proud momma. Then he cried because he wanted the bike inside, so in came the bike which is when he learned to do this…. ImageNow, how do you put a stop to that kind of talent? Look at the future options. Stunt biker, circus performer.. okay I can’t actually think of anymore but you get the picture.


Dinosaur Hat

What is cuter than this guy? —->  Image

How about this guy?—–>                  Image

That’s right, thanks to this blogger at The Boy Trifecta my little love is officially my little dinosaur. I started out with a basic hat pattern. Improvised some little ear flaps. Then added a layer of green single crochet. The above mentioned blogger is where I found the pattern for the little spikes. They were, in my limited crocheting experience, quite a bit of work but completely worth it.


100_2572And that is the beginning of the cute crocheted hats you can be sure you will find here in the future. In fact my cousin is expecting her first child this summer, and it is a little girl. I am already dreaming up all the cute, girly things I don’t get to make for Joseph. So stay tuned.