Get the Mad Hatter on the horn, I’m having a tea party!

Seriously who doesn’t love Sheldon Cooper? Smart, arrogant and at times oblivious. Up until this episode aired I had never tried a long island iced tea. I hate the taste of alcohol and had been sifting through different wines trying to find something I could enjoy. After seeing this I figured I love tea and Sheldon, there was no way I could go wrong on this one. Which brought me to Twisted Iced Tea and yummy-ness!
Now let me tell you about my day and the reason I post this. As you may have seen on my blog I have one heck of an adorable son, whom I love a ton. I also have an amazing husband who I have yet to post a picture of (He is camera-shy but it is coming) Anyway said husband drove the wresting team to a match today so adorable son and I got to spend all day together, just us two. Quality time, awesome. Until someone decides to cut nap time short and be a fussy butt.
After bed time tonight I go to the fridge to grab me some delicious tea to relax with and Sheldon’s voice pops into my head. “Get the Mad Hatter on the horn, I’m having a tea party.” And at once my spirits are lifted.
I’m sure every mother out there has those days where your kids drive you a little nuts. I am still at a loss to understand how he can be doing something irritating and still be unbearably cute at the same time. It should defy the laws of physics or something. I try not to get too frustrated with him on his bad days because I know that life can’t get much better than this, and one day I will long to live these days over. But for now I will just make it through one day at a time, hoping the terrible twos won’t come too quickly. But when they do you can bet I will look forward to relaxing at the end of the day with “A treat that’s hard to beat.”


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