Things in our house have been getting cramped and nonfunctional for awhile now. Since we haven’t been using our living room for anything (we had our computer that we watch shows on in our back room) my husband decided to install some shelving in our living room area with a curtain rod on top so that we can close off the area when we aren’t using it, and who better to sew curtains than his lovely and talented wife. The challenge for me with these curtains wasn’t the difficulty, they are super easy to make, but the time frame. I am trying to get done with the whole project by the end of the day but I am terrible at working straight through a project. I always want to stop and do something else. However with someone waiting for me to finish it does put a small fire under my bum. I have one curtain left to finish and then two small pieces for the side. So that’s what I have done with my weekend.


Deer-ly Beloved


I finished the shoes! Honestly they have been done for a while but I have been lazy.


Have you seen more adorable shoes? Sadly the are a bit too big on him at the moment but I made them for a wedding next month so they should fit better by then.



I wish I would have taken time to center the dots on the back but I can do that next time.

And there you have it! It felt nice to finish something since I keep starting new things and putting aside the old.

Dear Sleve Placket…

I hate you! I posted before that I am making my son a dress shirt by taking a part a shirt and just copying what it looks like they did. Sleve plackets are tough though. I tried pre shaping them and could not get it to work. Apparently you aren’t supposed to pre shape. Apparently you just sew the stupid thing on and then it magically shapes itself, or so that’s what I am hoping for. Man, I thought the collar was the hard part and it would be easy sailing until the button holes go on. Blah, I can’t wait to get these done and have them in my bucket of things I know how to do.

Shirt progress

Just wanted to update my progress a bit. I have been pretty intently working on a dress shirt for the booger bear to wear to an upcoming wedding. For the pattern I took apart a shirt that was the style I liked and made it a size bigger than he actually wears since the wedding is in April and we have a second wedding in June he will be wearing it to as well. I got the collar put on a couple days ago and am now trying to figure out the sleeves. Since this is the first shirt I have gotten this far on and I am just trying to remember how everything on the original shirt went together, it is taking a little longer than it could but it is going really well. Here is a picture of how far we are.


sorry it is so dark, but you get the picture 🙂

Oh deer!

Say hello to the most adorable fabric you have ever seen. I plan on making some pretty awesome shoes for my little boomer with this. Stay tuned!


This is what has been keeping me busy these last couple days. I bought the pattern for these awesome shoes here. The website boast that the pattern could be made in a couple hours. I started cutting out the pattern while my little booger took a nap. I got all the way to the point where you start sewing and had to stop because the booger doesn’t nap that soundly and my machine would wake him up. Once he was up and willing to play by himself I started sewing. Everything went together so smoothly and the instructions were so simple and clear. I have never been happier with a pattern before. All in all I probably took a little longer that two hours but I am a bit of a dawdler and always take a while to do things for the first time. I made the pattern size 6-12 months for my 14 month old son as it looked about the right size, however they are almost too small granted he does have large feet. I am really excited to make a second pair with the fabric I bought for this pattern. (I used scraps the first time since I was worried I would mess it up) I think I will have to make the sloe a bit thicker as I live in the sandhills, literally. I think I have more sandburs in my yard than I have grass. My plan is to take our broken tent and cut little sole pieces out of the floor and put that between suede layers. We will have to see if that will hold up to the burrs.